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Asgard 900DR Hydraulic wet dust removal drill machinery

Asgard 900DR Hydraulic wet dust removal drill machinery


Perfect environmental protection solutions

l Equipped with impulse-type-stage dry dust collection system which owns national patent and blower motor imported from Finland,the machine can achieve the removal effect up to 95%,which contributes to slagging, drilling speed, environmental protection and workers safety.


Dust filter

l   Compared with traditional filters, the patented oil-proof and waterproof all-in-one filter has a large filtering area, long maintenance cycle and less filters. Hence, the machine can help you reduce operating cost and maximize profit potential.


Walking control console

l  The user-friendly independent-walking control system can adjust the console according to road conditions. The platform can be rotted for 90to widen the vision and requirements of safety and comfort.


Control device and control console

l   The well-designed centralized control console has space and is easy for overhaul.

l  The rapid propulsion and promotion modules decrease the auxiliary time.

l  Works can adjust propulsion according to the need of drilling.

l  Originally imported pilot-type operation handle with multiple unit vales has

clear functions and labor-saving operation.

l  The H type composite seal minimize the internal leakage amount and avoid oil leakage.



New structural mechanical arm

l   The multi-angle functional drilling arm structure expands the scope of drilling angles and thus the wok scope through the five joining frames. It is able to drill horizontal hole forward and backward dip angle hole as well as lateral dip angle hole.

l  The type of sliding frame made of special steel with high tensile strength can bear large torque and have excellent anti distortion ability.

l  With the coordination of Mn steel slide and imported polyurethane slide block, the slide rail’S wearing and drilling will be more accurate.

Walking machine

l  Equipped with imported plunger-type walking motor, the drill can have the traction that is able to bear the load of 9tons and drag and air compressor to a 30slope.

l  dual-speed walking can greatly save the time of movement . truck frame can be float for 15°to adapt to the complex terrain and rapid transit.

l   Wide track shoe can absorb stress and provide excellent stability.


Heavy loaded

l   The heavy loaded chassis is designed for various tough and harsh applications. The inner side is equipped with additional partitions and reinforced shielding panel, thus providing an excellent platform for applications which need maximum stability and excellent anti distortion ability.

l   Through a special wear-resistant treatment and using sealed lubrication,which shortened maintenance period and prolonged working time but need not grease maintenance,the track roller, sprocket and guide wheels can have longer useful life.


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