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Asgard 980 Hydraulic down-hole drill

Asgard 980 Hydraulic down-hole drill


Asgard 980 Hydraulic down-the-hole drill is a high-performance Standard drill designed and developed by our is used in complement with single-stage screw-type high pressure air compressor and the compressed air is only used in drilling. The diesel engine- hydraulic pump are taken as the power device: the Walking, rotary, propulsion, lifting of the drill, the positioning of hydraulic cylinder by swinging ,and other auxiliary action aewachieved  through the hydraulic motor. Compared with that of the full pneumatic drill, the exhaust amount of auxiliary air compressor reduces by30%-50% ,The diesel oil consumption during drilling can be saved by 40%-50%.Used in complement with ZD series high-efficient energy saving type impactor, it will have high speed, low oil consumption and better economic performance,so that you  will see great reduction in your cost. The international procurement ensures excellent performance of the drill. The product is widely used in hydropower engineering, open bit mine, road building, ground source heat pump, defense engineering drilling  and other drilling .blasting and excavating operations of the earthwork.

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